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Education is the realization and the unfolding of the limitless potential of the mind. The teacher is an artist who helps the student to shape their attitude from unrefined formless potential to a set of new experiences. Education unites us, socially, politically, philosophically, culturally and sometimes education and therapy are difficult to distinguish.

In today’s political and economic climate knowledge has been burdened by confused speculations. On one hand the privileged and stagnant environment prevailing in famous schools. A great capital that ultimately reinforces the neo-liberal status quo which is dominating the education market. On the other hand people confronted by  financial trouble have abandoned physical movement looking hungrily for knowledge and experience online. They can study anywhere they have access to. Isolated from their surroundings they are panning through screens and windows, space and movement washed out from their brains. As the famous futurologist Alvin Toffler was predicting in his book The Third Wave. This is a fragmented era, information fragmentation, audience fragmentation, media fragmentation, space fragmentation.

According to mythology Nisyros island is a product of fragmentation. Earth, the mother of all beings, turned mortals/Giants against the immortal gods of Olympus. In reaction God Poseidon chased the Giant Polybotes and threw onto him a giant part of Kos island to stop him from escape. The exact location of this epic fragmentation is the volcano’s crater of the island.

Beyond regional myths, we will fragment our attention to a new place where we will reexamine where we are and what we know. A new pedagogical commune of simultaneous wandering learners and organic instructors challenging these hierarchies in a new physical social protocol.

Free choice, anything goes.

The Experimental Education Protocol, #ExeDuPro is an alternative educational model and it is structured around experiential and communal learning. It’s an ongoing navigation of opinions, personalities and approaches who would coexist and one will learn from each other. Ten initiators will bring together ideas, fragments and considerations in order to experiment with the experiential and experience the experiment. The conditioning of the school will be open and different classrooms will be formed revolving around influences of nature, spirituality, rituals, topicalities, rethinking institutions and urban mechanisms.

Each initiator animated by an experience and by the discovery of a new unconscious and natural force will organize a non hierarchical workshop. Here is the first programme:

On the basis of this programme and with the desire for broader regional feedback we will welcome local residents and tourists to share their own knowledge and stories. There are no rules about attendance, you just come if you want to and you work at your own pace.

The Experimental Education Protocol aims to provide unlimited content.

Angelo Plessas