Spy log, by Simon Bejerholm Villadsen

My contribution to the project is a log of what we have been doing in the week of the project. Inspired by how Maria Mickelson wrote down the information about German planes, I have, during the week of the project, in secret been taking notes of what we did, when we did it, where, and who. I attempt to orient myself in the environment and my surroundings by constant documentation. I personally have been writing diary for many years and documenting my daily life. It’s something that influences my artistic practice. Mickelson’s story and the history of the oracle of Delphi inspired me to act as a spy during the project. However I am not reaching a result or a prophecy, but merely documenting what’s around me.The log was made undercover, as I was acting as a spy, but not really serving any purpose.

By sharing it with everyone in the end, it could help the participants recall things they had already forgotten and in this way orient themselves in the environment – even in retrospect – and could trigger memories and emotions. The listing of facts, events and details of what has taken place could offer a more clear awareness of what has happened.