The island of Nisyros in the Dodecanese is the first stop of the project

Andreas Angelidakis: How to make a volcano, anger management workshop

Andreas Angelidakis: #Exedupro, video

Andreas Angelidakis: Head 3d scans workshop

Sepake Angiama: Desire Lines flag, workshop by Sepake Angiama


Frederik Exner Carstens: Pumice Talisman


Frederik Exner Carstens: Flies

Dora Economou: Hiking Workshop

Agnieszka Gratza: Volcanic Swimming performance around Strongili

The volcanic swim was a live art event that took place on 19 July. Participants were invited to join Agnieszka Gratza for a swim around Strongili – the Round One, also known as ‘little Nisyros’ – a volcanic islet in the midst of the Kos caldera whose shape on a map mirrors that of Nisyros. Its diameter is roughly 1,7 km.

The idea was to ‘take the volcano out for a swim’ by focusing on the image of the rounded Stefano crater in the central moon-like valley on Nisyros while swimming around Strongili. It took roughly an hour to complete the circuit, which began and ended in a round blue clearing in the water.

Frederik Exner Carsens’ talisman – an eye made of pumice stones strung together as if they were rosary beads – came with us for the boat journey. On reaching our destination, we floated it and made a circle around it with our bodies. The swim itself was a way of ‘girdling’ the islet by swimming and sailing around it in the fishing boat.

Agnieszka Gratza: Seascapes


Oliver Laric: Brazilian Jui-Jitsu Workshop

Quinn Latimer: Volcano Lovers (Sulfer Bath Reading Sessions)

Arvo Leo: On Flowers -> Honey Bees -> and Humans

Arvo Leo: Outdoor Film Screening of The Private Life of Plants, episode: Flowering

Arvo Leo: Traveling Fossils (Ginkgo Biloba)

Arvo Leo: The Honey Thief  


Mia Lundstrom: Triangle of virility





Do I need protection

what is there to be afraid of

I am not sure

If anything

Do I need luck

Talismans – a matter of trading

safety, wishes, fantasies

transactions, are they not

Worth protecting is not me

Worth protecting is you

Is the Talisman alive

My mirrored me

Can it breathe

Will you stay, I ask

yet, without a voice

I want my Talisman to be hot,

27 years of age, male

with a sixpack tightly packed

between his chest and crouch

hands steadily anchored to his hips


Paolo Thorsen Nagel: innit (composition for bluetooth speaker and volcano)

Garrett Nelson: The Alice B. Toklas Dinner Part II: Bastille Day

Cuisine Beurre, 2014 by Garrett Nelson


Garrett Nelson: Reading from The Future Myth, 2015

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Angelo Plessas: Talismania, workshop on talisman and amulet making.


Angelo Plessas: Relaxation Grades, daily workshops on measuring our relaxation